Don Cambareri

Mr. Cambareri is an Advisor of AFLG Investments. Mr. Cambareri has over 25 years in the Financial Markets and worked primarily in the Institutional Money Brokering Firms. Mr. Cambareri excelled in his career in the following capacities: Management, Brokering, Marketing, Account Management & Maintenance, as well as Client Relationship Management. He has built, grown, and managed many financial teams and divisions from their inception to profitability. From 1984 to the present times, Mr. Cambareri has been associated with the following firms: Harlow Meyer Savage, Tullett & Tokyo Forex, Prebon Yamane, Bridge Information Systems, ICAP, IDX LLC, Enlances, and GFI Group.

Mr. Cambareri received an MBA in Finance from St. John’s University, (1982).