Tampa’s Freddy Russian says AFLG Investments can Help Firms Navigate Risky Future

With rough economic waters ahead, just about every major industry remains fearful of our uncertain future. This unfortunately means vital projects have been scaled down or  eliminated entirely. Moreover, it’s difficult to develop a lasting presence when efforts that could make your company a powerhouse are taken off the table.

Freddy Russian, founder of AFLG Investments, says these variables don’t need to hinder upcoming efforts. An investment firm can prove to be a savior in times like these. Freddy Russian, of Tampa, has been instrumental in dozens of deals across various industries, including real estate, industrial and financial. The disruptions, transformations and innovative solutions offered by Freddy Russian and AFLG Investments can give companies a much-needed advantage over their competition. Working with Freddy Russian is one way to ensure expert guidance; his past professional experience is proof of that. Previous roles include client management, senior bond analyst and foreign exchange portfolio management and trading.

The wealth of experience here is easy to see, but there are many other reasons why companies decide to turn to an investment firm like AFLG Investments. More than 100 workers spread across international offices is one perk. So is a portfolio that is loaded with thriving high-profile companies. Middle market-sized partners of Freddy Russian will want to see a complete understanding of their respective industries. To calm any fears, he can point to real-life projects that show how private investments can lead directly to desired growth.

Real estate serves as a relatable example of what aid from AFLG Investments can offer. Goals here include acquiring office, hotel, industrial, retail and multi-family properties. The next step will include improvements via direct management and some value-add measures. Management services — which will lessen the to-do list of our partners — includes maintenance, record-keeping and tenant-landlord relations. These are all duties the company knows well and as a boutique agency, buyers, sellers and developers all stand to succeed when working with AFLG Investments.

The best way to gauge the likelihood of a good fit is to contact Freddy Russian in Tampa and/or AFLG Investments. This initial conversation can serve as an introduction to who you would be working with and to learn more about similar deals that have already been inked. The business solutions that are tailor-made for each new partnership will help address operations and finances with the goal of meeting – and often exceeding – your expectations.