Private Equity Is Well Positioned For A Strong Year

The private equity model continues to appeal to new investors looking for high absolute returns and portfolio diversification.  Last year, capital commitments to traditional funds, co-investments, separate accounts and direct deals, was an exceptional one for fast-growing global private equity asset category.

Early in the year, Private Equity Investors began to increase their allocations to private equity relative to other asset categories.  According to a recent survey by Palico, an online private equity fund marketplace, current private equity investors are increasing their relative exposure by 70 percent. In addition, during recent years, more investors are engaging in direct investments, bypassing managers.  These larger numbers of investors, from state pension funds to family offices, are investing some portion of their private equity allocation directly into deals, without the sourcing or management assistance of a third party.   Mr. Freddy Russian, CEO and President of AFLG Investments commented, “More investors are gravitating to the private equity’s promise of long-term double digit returns but they need to be flexible and open-minded if they are to successfully access this asset category.”

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