AFLG Holdings, Inc. Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that American Private Equity, LLC, a subsidiary of AFLG Holdings, Inc. (“AFLG”), headquartered in Tampa, Florida has recently acquired Hidrodinâmica, a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic presses and of special equipment, located in Caxias do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  Earlier in the year, AFLG has also acquired Hidralmac Group, a leader in the manufacture of hydraulic machinery based in Araraquara, Sao Paulo.

The acquisition of Hidrodinâmica managed by Mr. Roberto Modesto Fadanelli reinforces our commitment to continue investing in great businesses where our capital and strategic insight can drive transformation.  According to Mr. Freddy Russian, CEO and President of AFLG Holdings, Inc., “Brazil is one of the largest emerging markets that is helping to drive global growth and Brazil appears to be favorably positioned for the future regarding manufacturing competitiveness.  Our expectation is to consolidate the image of Hidrodinâmica and Hidralmac Group internationally.  AFLG will provide an opportunity for international buyers to get in contact with Hidrodinâmica’s high quality machinery.”  Our commitment to invest in talent and human capital development will help sustain growth in the long term.

About Hidrodinâmica 

Hidrodinâmica was founded in 1985 with the aim of producing the necessary equipment for the founding of a Metallurgical Industry. Due to the great expertise in the manufacture of machines and equipment, it started selling its products to other companies in the Sector, becoming a reference in technology for forming machines.

Hidrodinâmica participated in the founding of several companies, contributing with the know-how accumulated over the decades in the manufacture of equipment. Of particular note are stainless steel sink plants, pots, metal containers, road implements and auto parts.

At the beginning of the 90’s, the firm entered into a partnership with the Italian company Melbor, producing Bordatrizes of all models.  The main products made by Hidrodinâmica are: Type C Hydraulic Press, Type C Double Hydraulic Press, Type H Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Press Type 4 Columns, Horizontal Hydraulic Press, Edge Rulers, Reflow and Machining, Die Casting, Cutting, Stamping, Drilling and folding, as well as Special Machines. It also produces retrofitting and reforms, adequacy of NR-12 and Technical Assistance in Hydraulic Machines for conformation, independent of the make and model.

Hidrodinâmica was a pioneer, participating in the design of the first submersible pump, made of 304 stainless steel, in the country. It was also a pioneer in the manufacture of Type C Hydraulic Presses for filler operations and in the manufacture of special equipment for reverse inlay (Triple EFFECT Presses). It is notable for the use of non-conventional forming processes, such as Hydroforming. Click here for information.