AFLG Holdings, Inc. Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that American Private Equity, LLC, a subsidiary of AFLG Holdings, Inc. (“AFLG”), headquartered in Tampa, Florida has recently acquired HIDRALMAC, a global leader in the manufacture of high pressure, custom hydraulic machinery, located in Araraquara City, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  The strategy is to drive a higher level of investment and provide greater market access for HIDRALMAC products throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America.

The acquisition of HIDRALMAC reinforces our commitment to invest in great businesses where our capital and strategic insight can drive transformation.  According to Mr. Freddy Russian, our CEO and President of AFLG Holdings, Inc., “We are beginning to see more and more opportunities in this industry and we think there is a bright future for the manufacturing business worldwide. Our team brings a reservoir of talent and industry resources to implement our plan for strategic business growth.”


Since 1993, HIDRALMAC has been in the business of solutions for high pressure hydraulic applications across the global manufacturing landscape. This installed base of customers consists of both standard product and customized, application driven configurations aligned with customer specifications.  The end customer’s ability to work directly with our factory to insure that exacting requirements are met is of significant value in a market driven by an inventory rotation model based on indirect distribution.