AFLG Holdings, Inc. Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that Blue Pelican Marina I, LLC (“Blue Pelican Marina”), a subsidiary of AFLG Holdings, Inc. (“AFLG”) has recently acquired Blue Pelican Marina, Inc., located in Hernando Beach, Florida.  Blue Pelican Marina serves as the most sought hub for leisure marine activity in Hernando Beach having the most accessible High & Dry Boat Storage in the Gulf of Mexico.

The acquisition of Blue Pelican Marina reinforces our commitment to invest in great businesses where our capital and strategic insight can drive transformation.  According to Mr. Freddy Russian, our CEO and President of AFLG Holdings, Inc., “We are beginning to see more and more opportunities in this industry and we think there is a bright future for marinas.  Our team brings a surplus of talent and industry resources to plan for strategic planning, implementation and business growth.”

Marine tourism in Florida has seen a steady growth and overall US market remains extremely attractive for the boating segment.  We are optimistic looking ahead and look forward to our ability to capture value and strategic vision with the support of the community, customers and suppliers to improve performance and growth.